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Funny Faces


These pieces are still in my studio, just waiting for a good home and a loving companion. Email me to inquire as to how you can make friends with one of them.

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"Carapace #1"

" Carapace #2"

"Chang And Eng"

"Icarus (latex)"

"Icarus (Resin)"

"New Reliquaries (Tooth)"

"New Reliquaries (Wing)"

"Torso Skeleton"



"Lumbar Vertebra"

"Skeletal Hands"


You may have seen something in the gallery page that you have fallen in love with, but alas, it is not here in the list of available works! Or maybe you would love to have that one piece, if only it was just a teensy bit smaller. All is not lost. Email me, and perhaps I can create something unique to you and your space.

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