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Funny Faces



William Traver Gallery
Seattle's premier gallery for sculpture, glass, ceramics and painting.

Pilchuck Glass School
The world center for glass artists to teach and learn.

Pratt Fine Arts Center
Classes and studio access in glass, metals, drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Survival Research Laboratories
Mechanized performance art group. The most violent things ever done in the name of art.

Kiki Smith
Well known contemporary artist whose work involves the body and other themes.

Patti Smith
One of the most poetic voices in modern music. The incarnation of integrity on this planet.

The most violent and powerful acts that have ever been committed in the name of music.

Bertil Vallien
Put glass casting on the map. Sculptures with incredible depth, richness of texture, and surface history.

Joe Benvenuto
A Seattle glass artist friend

Jane D'Arensbourg
An artist working in glass and other media. Areally nice flash website.

Pamina Traylor
Beautiful sculptures in glass, steel, and wood. Pamina teaches at CCAC in Oakland, CA.

John Bennett
A glassblower friend in Seattle.


Jonathan Woolson
A friend from school. Something of a Japanophile.

Lee Gorton(
Another Japanophile from Alfred University.

Sharon Hewitt
My mother is a librarian.


The Mütter Museum
A museum in philadelphia exhibiting medical specimens and oddities. One of the most intense visual/emotional experiences of my life.

Salle Auriol Seattle
My fencing club in Seattle.

United States Fencing Association
The national fencing association.

This American Life
The most compelling radio show on the air. Half reporting, half radio theater. Listen to archived shows online.

Bunny Survival Tests
Every torture conceivable, inflicted on marshmallow bunnies. You will laugh like never before.

The Dialectizer
View any web page or your own text in any of several dialects, such as Jive, Elmer Fudd, or Swedish Chef! You will laugh like never since the bunny tortures.

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