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Look long enough, and I'll show you that you have an aggressive, angry, violent nature, and that it's a beautiful thing. Humans have a need to experience violence. It is part of our nature. Without anger, we are not whole. If we try to exorcize aggression from ourselves and each other, it comes back to haunt us in the worst ways.

Find experiences that allow you to feel angry and express blatant power without actually damaging anyone or anything. Feel your natural need for combat without getting into a fight. Face your aggression and love it, so that you can express it creatively rather than destructively. Violence can be beautiful. I make aggressive yet graceful things to show this, to marry anger with beauty in an almost Pavlovian conditioning process. I'd make you love your anger by feeding you every time you scream.

Much of my work feeds on the body and anatomy. Some of it depicts real anatomical structures, and some of it is more abstract, merely drawing on the qualities of those structures. I respond on a purely visual level to the complex and difficult beauty of internal anatomy. The lines of tension and connection in the muscles, nerves and vessels, the repeated shapes and curving lines of bones, and the layering of membranes over structure all bespeak a beauty that is sometimes serene, and other times painful.

The body is the filter, or lens through which we experience the world, and so is paradoxically also (in a way) the source of that experience. Our bodies carry us through this world, and so it is only through the body that we can know it. With this in mind, anatomical imagery becomes a way of bringing human experience into residence within the work, and helping people to identify with it.

If I want to show people strength or pain, flight or flow, communication, connection, violence or control, all those experiences are there to see in the body.

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